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Tube Lasers

Two High Production CNC Lasers in House
Plus the U44 Tube Laser Cuts Metal in 3D
The Mazak 3D laser - cutting metal pipe shapes in a fraction of the time traditionally used by machining processes. We also perform 3D cutting of tube, including rectangular and triangular pipe as well as C, H, I and L beams. The multi-axis torch and simultaneously controlled chuck fabricate – in one operation – precise angle cuts, weld-prep bevels and advanced, complex contours such as saddle joint cuts. All done without any distortion and very little secondary machining needed - Clean edges - Minimal to no Dross or Burring. Parts fall out clean and ready to go.  Laser metal cutting for Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.
Laser cut sheet metal workholding fixture
Laser cutting 3-D preformed parts

Have a difficult part you need to hold?

Let us make a Laser cut sheet metal workholding fixture. Our laser software will convert your CAD drawings into Laser cutting 3-D preformed fixtures.

San Antonio Office 210-590-0300

Houston Office: 713-401-3007

Austin Office:     512-298-4099

Houston Office: 945 Mckinney St., Suite 560, Houston, TX 77002
San Antonio Office:
11734 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, TX 78217

Houston Laser
Brand New Bystronic high production laser for cutting metal at high production quantities.  This will be our second high speed metal cutting laser to date - allowing us to keep up with the demand from our Houston, San Antonio and Austin customers.
High Volume Tube Loader
LT8 Tube Laser. Large Format - Up to 27' lengths, 8.85" diameter and 5/8" wall thickness.